Yoga mat bags.

A rubberband is a fine way to keep your yoga mat rolled up. But what about when that rubberband breaks, huh? Get another one? And then that one breaks? So get another another one? Only to have that one tear and shoot across the room too? Not a chance! Get yourself a pretty, pretty yoga mat bag and you’ll only be using rubberbands for their intended purpose, making water balloon slingshots.

Materials used for this group:
cotton or nylon blend lining

There wasn’t a need for interfacing in these bags as the canvas plus the lining makes it already a strong bag and the mat itself provides all the structure it needs.

I didn’t use a pattern, I simply took a look at some yoga mat bags online, measured my rolled up mat, and went for it.
There are 4 bags in all, 2 of each print. I’m thinking I’d like to keep one!




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