Just 3.

Despite the fact that I was accepted into the Arlington County Fair, which is like a huge-ass 4-day event, I’m still dragging when it comes to making more stuff. Arrggh. Last year’s approx. attendance of the fair was 40,000 people and here I’ve made like 3 bags in the last 4 days. And one of them I’m using for myself.

I have a plan though, and that’s a start.
And Mike is taking some time off in July so I can focus on my sewing machine while he takes care of Little Face.

Here are the (measly) threesly.

First, mine.

More necco print. This time with an olive green twill.


This one is a change sorta. I added “tortoise” d-rings and functional exterior pockets. There is one on each side.


And now my polly pocket purse. It’s so cute and friendly.


Materials used:

stretch wool blend
nickel swivel clip
plastic tortoise d-rings
nickel magnetic snaps

Now I’m going to go through my fabrics. That’ll inspire and motivate me!


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