Arlington County Fair

After much preparation and hardwork and well, worry, I survived my first year at the Arlington County Fair.

The weather was hot, but the air conditioning in the exhibitors hall was chilled. I’m sure that alone drew lots of people inside checking out the booths. Which, I’m so totally thankful for!

I can say that I had an overall positive experience, though my bladder might beg to differ. Mike did an excellent job though, taking care of Little Face and coming by a few times a day to allow me to run to the loo.

And here is my booth setup. I rotated and filled in when necessary and was so pleased with how everything looked.


On the second day, I talked to Mike about making a small sign indicating what and who craftysassi is all about. I did this mainly in response to seeing a retail vendor around the corner from me that was hawking bags for 5 bucks. I thought it important to notify potential customers that my merchandise is entirely homemade, one of a kind, quality items produced lovingly by yours truly. Not mass-produced, sweatshop crapola. And then I let the bags speak for themselves.


And I did well! I’m very thankful for all the folks who stopped by to browse and buy and to all those who paid me lovely compliments and took my business card. I met some very wonderful people and got lots of warm and fuzzies hearing nice people say nice things about my stuff. Aww.

And well, let’s hope I can do it again next year.

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