It’s official, I own my own label.

Well, labels, anyway.

A bit ago, I came across a lovely craftblog called splityarn (Don’t you just love her banner picture? Little Peoples sewing machine! Awww) and saw that she made these cute little wallet thingies. And what I really liked was the simplicity of her tags. So I sent her an email a while back and she referred me to the very cool namemaker site. After much procrastinating, I order the 5/8, 100% woven labels, style F34. And I LOVE them! Too bad they came just after I finished production for the fair items, but all the new bags and items will have these babies sewn in/on ’em. But namemaker was fast and they were incredibly reasonably priced and they are so cute! So I’m all official and designer label-y now. Yeah, I’m a dork.

But here they are:


I got the ones you can iron on, though I will be ironing and sewing them on.

For now though, I could only iron them onto the 2 bags that I currently use to lug my essentials around:


I’m all proud!

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