Yes, yes, I’m a great big dork.

The reasons are many.
But here’s one.
I get ridiculously excited about receiving mail/packages from other countries.
Oh lookie! This is from Japan!.
It has like, japanese writing on it!


It’s not like this is the first package I’ve ever received from an another country, there was that time Mike bought me some cherry undies from an online company and it turns out they were in China or something. I had to go to the post office to pick up the airmail and totally forgetting that he had gotten them for me, I opened up this strange package and found this quite adorable foreign pair of knickers. Turns out they didn’t fit because of my ample rump and really where was I again?
Oh right-o, fabric!
From Japan!


I got it from the very awesome
They were super quick and the fabric rocks. Look how cute those kitties and owls are! And how friendly the folks there? With the pretty postcard included?


Yeah, I’m smitten, I’ll be back.


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