A few more newbies for my store!

Mike had a long weekend, so I had an opportunity to sit down and cut out more bags and accessories. Usually when I cut stuff, I’m all wiped out and won’t sit at the machine for another day or two, or more! But this time, I got right to it.

First up, I finally used this ridiculously adorable hippo fabric. I could only get one fat quarter of it though, which is like 18 x 20? Not that much. I couldn’t decide whether to do a wristlet and a hairband, or maybe a few keyrings and a makeup bag? Decisions, decisions!

I ultimately decided on:



A wristlet and a pencilcase!**

Next up is a cozy, warm, brushed twill bag with a cool striped flap:


Finally, an ultra-cool circle bag with matching accessories!


materials used:

brushed twill
nickel components
wool felt
dmc thread

**HOLY FAST SALE BATMAN! No sooner did I list this cool pencilcase did someone snap it right up! Well that’s just cool my friends.

2 thoughts on “A few more newbies for my store!

  1. Hey…Just wanted to say that I received the pencil case and I love love love it!!! I actually might use it as a clutch purse when I don’t have to carry much.

    What a fun bag!


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