Going global.

Shipping internationally to me was a daunting idea.
Will it get there?
How long will it take?
Will folks really pay the seemingly exorbitant shipping fees?

I’ve been shipping to Canada and that’s been easy, just a small extra little slip to fill out at the post office.

But what about other places around the globe?
With my first off-the-continent order, I figured it all out just fine.


Yep, that’s right, I sent an order to France!
Am I so lame because it seriously thrills me?
Well, yes, I am sure.
But who cares.

And as if all of this excitement doesn’t make me enough of a dorkable dork, I just had to look up exactly where my yoga mat bag went. Turns out it’s about 11 hours south of Paris, near the coast, to a town called Valluaris. It’s quite near Italy actually.
Isn’t it all just splendid?



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