Some shoppin’.

What’s good and bad about paypal?
I get mon-ay right away when people order from me. Lovely indeed.
Because of recent sales, I have a healthy balance and it calls to me.
The siren song of extr-y dollars?
I give in completely.

Typically it’s for fabric, which I feel quite good about, as I’m just putting money back into the business.
But sometimes I get itchy for something else.
I spend an hour browsing through all the luscious shops at etsy.
Ultimately I feel pretty darned good supporting my fellow artisans.

This cool necklace is from TV Tray Art Designs. It’s a necklace that was made with beautiful Japanese washi paper sandwiched between glass and soldered with lead-free solder. How lovely! And unique. I love it.

The cool little tin it came in:



The other item I purchased was the ultra-cute accordion folder from greenbean baby. I stumbled across this seller’s craft blog while doing my daily read of thimble. The artisan’s name is Ellia and she does these 3-D type paper illustrations. Each feature in the design is cut out from paper using an exacto knife. Can you imagine? It’s just amazing work. Meticulous and orginal and just altogether darling.


She even included this handmade note with my order:



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