Some stuff.

I have 4 events coming up in the next few weeks and despite knowing about them for quite some time, I’m sewing like a madwoman trying to catch up and plump up inventory. What else is new, right? This week, I’ve vowed to make 3 purses/bags a day so I have a healthy stock for the home party on Saturday and the craft fair on Sunday. Back-to-back. Nice! Hopefully folks will be in that holiday shopping mood. A mood which I can’t seem to force myself into yet. Ah well, that’s what December is for.

I did a wee bit shopping for a few needs recently though.

First up, I wanted something other than a business card to hand out when someone purchases a new bag. I decided on custom made magnet buttons with my shop address and little red birdie mascot. I got 50 of them from Kate Black, who has a cool etsy shop and website. They came super fast and look fantastic. Here’s to hoping that folks will slap it on their fridge and think of my shop whenever they get that new purse itch.


With my order, I also snagged me a new pocket mirror for my purse. Having only come across puny 2.5 inch mirrors, I love the fact that Kate makes a larger 3.5 inch mirror.

Reading is sexy, yo.


So having recently purchased another large plastic storage container to hold my inventory. (I’m up to three!) But something was up with this one, it had a heavy plastic-y smell. Which, ew. I didn’t realize this until weeks later. Not wanting my fabric bags to be infused with this stink, I set forth in searching for some homemade pretty smelling sachets. I found pillowhead over at etsy and thought Angela had the perfect product for me. I ordered her set of 2 (customized!) sachets. They arrived super-duper quickly and they look and smell great.

No, I’m not a doctor.


They’re so well-made and they have a lovely lavender smell. Ahhhh.


And finally, this one was from me and my hands. I needed a new purse. So I made one! Isn’t that cool how that works out?

I got this cool fabric from my fav, It’s called Forest Pods, which makes me giggle a little. It is a lovely canvas with an interesting pattern. I love the color.


(Did you notice my Hello Kitty calculator?)


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