There’s a name change to be happening!


Well, I got tired of folks thinking that craftysassi was craftyASSI. I’m serious people, that is what I would get time and time again. Even if I changed my font!

So after much consideration, I decided to make my mascot, my little red birdie, who has been my peep from day one, front and center. His name in lights!


Oh and my other new friend there? Her name is Frances. You can call her Franny if you’d like. She is wearing ‘little red birdie’ original accessories, of course.

I created my new look with the simplest pleasure of paper and glue.
I cut out my design totally freehand. Free-scissor?
I loved the way everything came out.
We then scanned it in and Mike did his work with all the code and stuff. Really, he’s a genius. It’s exactly how my brain pictured the final site.
So cool.

You can see our awesome handywork at the new site, it’s all live and functional already. Woo!

See some of the papery love:




I had new business cards printed up by the very awesome and fast and reasonable
I love how they look like little pieces of art, not a stuffy old business card.


Next was some new maker labels for my stuff. I went back to I love the way the red looks against the light blue. These labels are great, very easy to use and inexpensive in price. My only complaint with is that they take quite a long time. I’m impatient, I want things NOW people! But you know, anyway, I got ’em and I love ’em.


Finally, I needed some new promo magnets. For reasons I don’t feel like getting into here, I chose not to patronize kateblack anymore. (I don’t even feel like linking her shop, to be honest.) So I spent some time on etsy looking for a new source. And I came across the very sweet AmyLynn and her shop kittycrossbones.
She did an excellent job on my new magnets! They look so cute, starring the very fashionable Frances and everyone’s pal, LRB. See?


So with all that, I’ll now be working on restyling this blog to match the little red birdie shop. I’m going to go the paper and glue route again, just because it was so much fun and I was so pleased with the results.

So stay tuned!


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