I love to recycle.

Say that in a sing-songy voice. ’cause I am.
And ’cause I do.
And sing like a fool.

I thrifted this gorgeous skirt from eBay.
It’s very funny to me that I buy clothing that don’t fit me.
It’s because I have vision people.
I don’t see dead people.
I see revamping and repurposing and reincarnating.
It’s awesome.
It’s a gift.

Here is the before:


And now for the afters:


I have the tiniest amount left. So I’m gonna make a tote that matches that last stripey makeup bag.

My favorite detail is the braided strap that I made. I just love the look of it.
I’m definitely gonna do more of those straps in the future.
This bag doesn’t have interfacing. The first one I’ve done like that.
I wanted to keep the natural, slouchy shape of it.

The best part?
I already sold the large purse!
It sold on etsy in one day.
Which is awesome.
Though a smidge bittersweet.
I love that purse and had to really fight the temptation to keep it myself.

materials used:

satin skirt
olive twill
magnetic snap

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