I’m not a crazy cat lady or anything.

Though given the chance, maybe I could be?
Allergies (both mine and Mike’s) have kept any and all felines out the house, so I tend to rely on the stuffed kitties and kitty fabric to get my kitteh fill.

I didn’t mean to make two cats right in a row.
But I had a wee bit more of that weiner doggie fabric and I just couldn’t get past the idea of stuffed softie kitty wearing a doggie print dress.
So I caved into it and whipped up this doll in the last few days.
I got to use the sewing machine this time, so with the exception of the felt and embroidery, which was still hand-stitched, production, as a whole, went much faster.

Her name is Jess.
And yup, she’s a rosy-cheeked dog lover.
Not that there’s anything wrong with that.



Now, doesn’t that little doggie I stitched up look very reminiscent of Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas?


I didn’t even do that on purpose!

(Can you believe that movie is from 1993? HOLY!)

And s’more Jess shots:

jess3.jpg jess4.jpg jess5.jpg

materials used:

wool felt
embroidery thread

And of course, the ever-awesome wee wonderfuls pattern.


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