Second time ’round.

Well, I survived.
The Arlington County Fair is behind me and phew, am I relieved.

It was a lot of hardwork but I made it through and made some good dough.
Got to talk to some wonderfully lovely people too.

My favorite part is when folks who remembered me from last year came by to visit or buy. Their excitement about my products was so humbling and flattering and sweet and awwwww.

So here are some pics of my booth, my view, and my new friend.

I took this on the first day when it was all chock full. I didn’t have the flowers yet either. I picked up some pretty Gerber daisies from Whole Foods and they beautified my space even more. I love daisies.

07fair3.jpg 07fair4.jpg 07fair6.jpg 07fair5.jpg

I was right across the way from this acupuncture doctor dude. I got to stare at heiney placards and like big ears and stuff.


And then of course, there was this guy again. He always makes me chuckle, watching him walk. Matty was fairly interested in him, he would grab his deflatable hands and push in the groin-al region. Good times.


And my new friend.


(I know that’s a crappy picture, I only had my camera phone when she was all complete. I’m gonna take some better photos of her tomorrow, weather permitting.)

Now, she was completely handsewn by moi. I did it during my downtimes, in between customers. She is from the Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book-1. I finally had the time and motivation to actually put one together! And I just adore how she came out. I added a little red birdie and matching purse so she could act as my mascot during my time at the fair. She certainly kept me company and intrigued some of the shoppers. One lady even wanted to buy her! (No sale though, I just couldn’t part with her after working so hard. Plus she looks awesome sitting in my workspace at home.)

Her name is Roberta, by the way.
Or, if you like: Rowr-berta
Or even better: Ropuurrr-ta

Yeah, Mike got a good chuckle out of those too.

So that’s all folks.
For now.
The shoppe will be updated with all items that weren’t sold. Should take me a coupla days. You know, I know I said this would be my last hurrah before the new babe gets here, but I’m kinda hoping that I have some time to keep it going for a while. I say that now, you know, before all the middle of the night feedings and such. So who knows if I’ll even have the stamina to continue. God willing I suppose! Time will tell.

One thought on “Second time ’round.

  1. A craft show? What fun! I never made much moolah at them, but they were such indescribable fun! I’m glad you had a good time. Your booth set up is one of the nicest I’ve seen – nice areas to browse and it looks good from far away, too.

    I didn’t start sewing like a mad woman until my youngest was almost 2. It certainly would have been hard for me with a new baby, but I’m surprised again and again by bloggers who keep crafting with new babies! I suspect it will be your sanity at times. :o)


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