A Halloween Craft.

So truth be told, I’m not really much of a Halloween person.
I mean, not so much in the way of zombies and death and blood and bats and all that creepy stuff.
About as creepy as I will get is abiding the Jack-O-Lantern, which is to say, really not creepy at all.
I’m a wuss, I will admit it, even when it comes to make-believe-y type things.
I’ve learned to accept this.

But these, these cute little pumpkin luminaries, well they are just the cat’s pajamas!
I used the tutorial found over at Skip To My Lou. She’s got a whole mess of Halloween crafts to partake in.
But this is the one that really tickled my fancy!
(Just how many cliched phrases CAN I use in one post??!)




And all aglow!



The only modifications I did to the original tutorial is using orange tissue paper instead of the mentioned crepe paper. I was indeed looking for orange crepe paper when I was at Target recently. But they had none to be found! Everyone grabbed ’em to make their own pumpkin lanterns, I can only presume!

materials used:

mod podge
tissue paper
construction paper
baby food jars
pickle jar (!)

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