roaming garden gnomes

Even though Halloween isn’t exactly my favorite festive day, this year, somehow I kinda got into it a bit.
We even went trick-or-treating, which was a first for my boys.
I figured I would make their costumes.
I didn’t want anything too cumbersome, as they are both quite fidgety fellows.
And I wanted to make sure they would be warm enough without a coat if it was chilly.
I can recall being seriously bummed out when my mom would make me wear a coat to go trick-or-treating, “Like, MOOOOMM! It’s covering my whole costume!!”

So, this little guy was my inspiration:


And here are my little gnomes, my 1 year old and my 4 year old:





I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that they kept their hats and beards the whole time! With no complaint!

I made the tunics from a very soft polar fleece.
All other items were made from a wool blend felt, even the belts!
The beards attached to the caps with buttons on either side, it made them stay on really well and were easy to get off at the end of the night too.

Not including my 4 year old’s new boots (he needed new winter boots anyways), I spent about 40 bucks total on both costumes, and that does include the white turtlenecks. Not too bad!

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