Christmas things.

It’s taken me a bit to get into the swing of the holiday season. Even now, just over a week away and I’m still dragging my feet on my Christmas-y to-do list. But I have ideas swimming merrily around me head. Now if I can only find the time and energy.

These little trees though, well they were fast and easy and super fun to do.
I wanted just a little something extra around the house to add a bit more joyousness. Since I’m mainly a sewer, I dug through my stash to find some sweet fabric. I like these because they weren’t Christmas fabrics at all. But put together like this, they exude that holiday spirit. I found inspiration for these little guys from The Small Object and seeing these fun fabric conifers over at the black apple. (Scroll down to see hers made of polka dots!)



I set up this little scene this morning to try and get an adorable little photo of all of them together. It’s gray and rainy outside, so these were taken in our bedroom where the natural light is pretty scarce. But I like them, they make me happy just looking at ’em. Wee wood ornaments are vintage and peppermint candies are Hammond’s handmade pillows. Aw, sweet.

After my little photo shoot here, the trees are back in there respective spots, stuffed trees on the TV, so I can get a glimpse of them whilst watching my favorite The Office and Top Chef and the stacked trees (which I placed on top of mini bud vases for the tree “trunk”) residing in front of our many, many books. Perfect.

And this little tree?
He’s a softie I whipped up just this morning.
Our front door was sans holiday decoration for many weeks now, so I finally swapped out our fall leaf painting (by Matty!) for this starred Christmas tree.
I like it.


materials used:

wool felt
quilt cotton
beans (to weight coned trees)


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