Washington-Lee Holiday Bazaar

Oh what a mad scramble leading up to the day of the bazaar. See, I contacted the school REALLY late about my submission and they were nice enough to let me in. Then I procrastinated a day or two. Then it was Thanksgiving. Then I was sick. And like wow, I was chained to my sewing machine for a good two days straight here at the end.
But I got a lot of nice new, very cool and adorable items made and that pleases me.
Know what pleases me even more?
Doing well at a fair.
And I did!
Even though I was still pretty darned sick and foot traffic was kinda slow.
I remember being bummed at the close of the show, thinking I had done poorly.
But Sunday came and I sat down to tally and woo-wee, I did good!
As usual, I met some wonderfully sweet people who were amazingly generous with their compliments and support.

Some pics of my booth.


08w-lfair02.jpg 08w-lfair04.jpg 08w-lfair06.jpg 08w-lfair07.jpg

Really, my favorite part of my set-up was my little (real!) Christmas tree I had purchased from Whole Foods that morning. It smelled just like Christmas and looked adorable hanging out with my bags and such. I put felt little red birdies and my business cards in the branches which made me quite giddy. I’m so easy.



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