I was excited about these.
It started because I was having the darndest time figuring out what to make for teacher gifts this year. The end of school year was coming up fast and all my promises to myself to get this done early had simply gone out the window. Shocker!
Being that my son has been in preschool for 3 years and was at the same school, in the same classroom for all of those years with mostly the same teachers, well, I was in a pickle.
I had already made: keyrings, change purses, totes and wristlets.
Any type of clothing was out and I didn’t want to simply make another bag.
I knew they all wore aprons throughout the day.
It was perfect!
I just needed to guessimate sizing, as all three ladies were really different.
Furthermore, they were different from me. I of the big and tall proportions!

Since I had never made an apron before and I wasn’t using any specific tutorial or pattern (just gathering ideas from hither and yon), I decided it best to make one for myself first. I didn’t want to ruin any of the fabric I ordered especially for the girls!

I used printed cotton canvas and a cotton lawn for mine. You can’t tell in the pics, but the red is actually a teeny polka dot! For mine (and for each following) I used my favored applique method of fusible webbing then stitching around the edges. It works brilliantly and adds a nice touch of character and whimsy when mixing prints.

Me in mine:


And now for the ladies. I should have gotten up close pics of the fabrics, because they were all so lovely. I purchased each material from j.caroline creative. I just love that site!

For Rosie:

(She really is little compared to me. See how it looks like a bib on me? Haha!)


For Maria:


And For Nina:


Each apron was reversible and had a kangaroo pocket on one-side. The only thing I did different from my original one was adding an adjustable neck strap via two D-rings. I was thankful that I thought to do it as I noticed that all the teachers adjusted them as soon as they got them on. Yay for thinking ahead!

Here are all three lovely ladies with wearing their new aprons:


One thought on “Aprons!

  1. Hi,I was doing my usual trawl through google for tutorial when I came upon your blog. It was lovely to read and great pictures. I especially liked your stories behind all your projects. But I noticed that you haven’t blogged after 2009.

    If you have the time please have a look at mine. I’m only a beginner as you can tell by the small amount of posts but if you have any handy hints I’d be most grateful.



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