This was the inspiration for poppet’s birthday cake this year. I had this pic saved for many months. I just loved the homemade, but creative look of it. Simple yet adorable. I could go for that.
There were no instructions for the cake, so I totally had to wing it.


My version:


Hrrrmmmmm? It’s a little messy, but Mike (and all of us really) LOVED the Little Debbie Nutty Bars deck!



I baked one layer of chocolate, one layer of vanilla. Really tasty cakes, my go-to recipes, I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. For the deck? Nutty bars! Lifesavers for portholes and um, my knitting needles to attach the sails. (I had planned on using our chopsticks, but they weren’t long enough!)

After his big brother ate his piece, he proclaimed, “I ate a BOAT! I’m going in the water.” Haha

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