Positive vs. Negative

A long time ago I discovered an artist, Elsa Mora. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon her work but since that day, I’ve been so glad I did. She has a wonderful story and whenever she posts something on her blog I know it’s going to be heartfelt and important.

One day back in November, she wrote about being positive. It spoke to me at a time that I needed to try and do anything to lift my spirit and look towards a brighter future. Reading her entry and seeing her image, it gave me an awareness. Awareness of a power that we all have.

Do we want to think and be positive?
Or do we want to be negative and fill our brains with negative thoughts?

I find myself consciously putting myself at that fork. Forcing myself to think, “Which road do I REALLY want to go down here?”

It’s hard. It is. Because most all of my life I looked down and traveled along that negative path. It’s well worn and I know the way. To attempt the other way is foreign and scary. But exciting. The idea that I have the power to choose is well, powerful.

I need to keep reminding myself.

So I printed Elsa’s lovely image onto fabric, outlined it in wool felt and placed it inside a frame I picked up from Goodwill. I added a sweet flower to the outside. I think it’s perfect.

It resides in my workspace and is visible from just about anywhere in our apartment.
Nudging me to take the positive path.



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