Chewy Cookies

Last night Mike and I (mostly Mike) whipped up these babies. I love CHEWY cookies.


Did you know just how good cinnamon tastes in oatmeal cookies? Divine.

You can find the recipe here.

Also, slightly related, I made homemade onion rings for the very first time. I used this recipe here.

They were SUPER easy to put together and very delicious. Ours came out a tad dark, but I’ll know for next time to get them out of the oven sooner. And really they are quite on the healthy side. You use a small amount of oil (olive) and there is no deep frying. The only additional fat comes from the egg and buttermilk and that is minimal because there is only a light coating. The only thing we did different from the recipe is use oat flakes instead of corn. (Whole Foods was out of unsweetened corn flakes, so weird.)

A WINNER if you like onion rings. Which I *really* do.


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