Fucshia Goodness

Remember I told you about a scarf I was knitting? Well I did finish it. Yay!
It’s kind of hilarious though, there are mistakes are all throughout. One would think I was drunk whilst knitting. But it’s a big floppy kind of scarf and the way I wear it I’m hoping it’s not obvious there are many errors.

It was good practice though and I’m glad I had the experience with it.


Isn’t the color so pretty? I just love pinks and fuchsia. There is not enough fuchsia in the world!

I like this picture because at this particular angle my nose is there, POW, in all it’s glory.

Did I ever tell you that my sister used to call me “Witchy”? Yep. Because I was the only person in our immediate family that had a nose like this. Bigger, pointy. Everyone else has smaller, rounder, button noses.

But this nose I have. I like it. It’s me. It fits my face. God put it there because it belongs there. And it looks so much like my Gramma Del’s. That’s the part I like the most.


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