Twisty Grape Cowl

This past week I finally finished the twisty scarf I was knitting. It’s very exciting to bind off on a project, oh yes it is. But also a little wistful as a treasured project is coming to an end. God. I’m so silly. And premenstrual.

I was glad for some chilly weather here today so I could actually wear it before putting it away in prep for the DC heat.

This is the scarf here. I chose two colors for my scarf, instead of just one. I wanted the extra pop. Grape and Splash! Oh yeah.


Don’t you just love mirror shots? 😛

Here’s another for ya:


Apparently both my bathroom AND bedroom mirror are spotty. I plan to clean this week sometime. Today was laundry day. Woo. Hopefully my nausea will subside overnight. Because cleaning and pukey feelings? NOT a good combo man.

Today after church I stopped at SBUX for a coffee and the lady in front of me asked after my scarf and she was so complimentary that it warmed my heart. How nice!


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