a cake for a prince

My 7 year old prince!

When I first started this cake, I really didn’t think it would become this big. I just kept adding and futzing and scrutinizing and icing and before I knew it, I had the biggest cake I ever made. Bigger than the boat cake!

I used my tried and true vanilla and chocolate cake recipes for the structure. Then I made a few chocolate cupcakes to support the turrets. For those, I took standard sugar ice cream cones and dipped them in melted chocolate. While they were still warm and melty, I rolled them in sparkle-y colored sugar crystals. (Which is hard to see in the pics)

Then I set to piping that beast! My hand was T-I-R-E-D! I think it took me over an hour. Once that was finally complete, I added some flags to finish it off.

When he walked in, he gasped! Me too honestly, this thing didn’t even fit in our fridge! After the celebration, we dismantled it to make it fit. But a few days of cake eating got the best of us, and we wound up chucking a good portion of it.

Note to self: make smaller cakes yo







Bonus, m&m cupcakes for school:




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