Beautiful Dessert

I just started a subscription to Everyday Food. I’ve been watching the PBS series and picking up issues off the newsstand and finally conceded. This months arrived last week and while not a lot jumped out at me, this certainly did.

A frozen lemon souffle. DUDES.
I showed it to Mike and he agreed that we must try it.

Yesterday as I was catching up with my 365 project, the awesome man cooked the lemon curd. That chilled overnight. He then made the meringue this afternoon. I “helped” by whipping the cream and placing the dish into our freezer. LOL

We’ve been waiting all day for it to set up.

And finally, ta-da!


Oh my word. It is lovely. Bright and refreshing and beautiful. The fresh raspberries are PERFECT with it.

Isn’t it so pretty?


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