Project: JAY!

Yesterday I took the opportunity to go and check out Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair. It was AWESOME. Despite the heavy rain and heavy crowds.
There was booth after booth of wonderful and amazing art and wearables. I was falling in love with everything. My goal was to get tee shirts for the boys and Mike and maybe something cute for myself. Mission accomplished! I drooled over SO MANY fantastic things though. I grabbed a bunch of business cards from my favorite booths.

Another highlight? I met Jay McCarroll!

For those that don’t know, he was the Season 1 winner of my beloved Project Runway.

I was like a dorky giddy fangirl. (As soon as I saw him standing in his booth, I texted Mike, “I SEE HIM!” LOL)

I approached him when I calmed down and my friend Denise asked him if I could get a picture of us together. Wish granted!


Please please please ignore my amazingly frizzy and schmutzed up hair. The rain was a BASTARD yesterday and my hair grew larger and most unruly every minute.

Ignore the derp smile too.

After the pic was snapped he looked at my scarf and asked me about it and as he was grabbing at it to get a closer look, I bellowed, “Don’t look at it, it’s full of mistakes!!” He was all, “Oh stop it, like I knit and would know!?” He said it was cool and that the color complimented me and OMG. Fans self.

Also: isn’t his necklace so cool! His glasses too. They were like faux wood. (Or maybe real wood?!)


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