Yes indeed!

My creative 7 year old picked his costume theme this year, Santa Claus. Could you just die? I thought it was brilliant and I couldn’t wait to get started. My biggest challenge was how I was going to give my rather tall and slender child the jolly girth of old Saint Nick, but still make it a relatively unobtrusive outfit to walk around in.

My solution was to take two white adult sized man undershirts and fashion a bowl full of jelly shirt that he wore like a regular tee. I simply took a panel from the second shirt, make a large stomach pocket on the intact tee shirt and filled it with fiberfill stuffing. It worked great! He walked around comfortably, though maybe with the slight gait of a pregnant woman. It was rather cute and hilarious.

To address the big man’s beard, I went to our storage room and found that I luckily saved the beards from the kids’ garden gnome costumes. I love reusing things!


To round out the theme, my poppet agreed to being a Christmas elf. Which is perfect with his little elfin features!


Tickling that bowl full of jelly, heehee!



When we went out trick-or-treating, people kept shouting, “Hey Santa!” “It’s Santa and his elf!”
It was awesome! Definitely a crowd-pleaser.



materials used:

craft felt
tee shirts
belt buckle
fiberfill stuffing
jingle bells
puff paint (for bottom of felt elf shoes)
fake fur trim
yarn for pom-pom
polar fleece

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