new tree skirt

It took me a while to FINALLY get around to making a new Christmas tree skirt. The old one we had was awful. Cheap felt, weird appliqued poinsettia, just tacky and ugly. But I’m pretty easy going and I just used it for a few years because it was functionally adequate. The only real issue that I had was because we always get a real tree, the needles would drop over time and would stick to the felt. This meant I couldn’t easily pick them up to keep under the tree clean and neat. I know it’s a minor thing but it was annoying!

This year was when I finally said ENOUGH! And I set to work on a new skirt. I had purchased this odd outdoor poly vinyl fabric from IKEA a few months ago. I didn’t know what I would do with it at the time of purchase. But I bought it anyway because I’m a sucker for polka dots! Especially red and white ones!

On the underside I wanted to use something contrasting and well, cheap. Funnily enough I decided to use blue felt. Mostly because it’s easy to buy wide yardage of felt. Other fabrics, not so much. I needed the fabric to be at least 54 inches wide in order to make a proper circle with cutting it down the middle and joining it. I didn’t want to bother with seaming.

As I begin to cut my fabric, I felt ambitious and decided to do a scalloped edge. It was SUPER fussy and added a lot of time to this project, but I’m so glad that I stuck it out because I adore the finished product.



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