New Bed, New Pillows

So remember I said we got a new bed from IKEA on our last trip? We put that baby together and wow, it’s BIG! To be sure, we’ve had a king size mattress/boxspring for the last few years but we’ve never had a proper head/foot board. A kingsize frame isn’t all that big. We were both giggling a lot when the bed was finally assembled and we had to literally CLIMB into it. And we’re both very tall people!

But honestly, I love it so. It makes me very happy whenever I walk into our bedroom. In addition to the bedframe, we purchased a duvet cover to brighten up the place.

Our bedroom has always been cozy and comfortable. If not a little blah/ho-hum.



And now? Look how CHEERY!


It’s exactly what I needed!

I was so excited about the new bed that yesterday I bought a new sheet set from Target and the last few nights I’ve been making new pillow covers for our pillows.

It was the first time using cover tutorial from design sponge. I had bookmarked that baby SO LONG ago and I finally used it! It was SUPER easy and I quickly fell in love with it. It’s my new favorite way to make pillow covers.

I went through my stash and found a number of fabrics that went just perfectly with the new bedclothes. And I had plenty of zippers on hand! Now it’s easier than ever to clean or change our covers and pillows. 🙂




And this one is more like a standard pillow case.


All together now:


Isn’t it amazing/insane/hilarious how many pillows on our bed? There’s eleven total! Our couch is like that too. I LOVE pillows!


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