This One is About My Bra

Here’s the thing. I am VERY particular about my underthings. I find a pair of underwear and I buy two dozen pairs and parcel them out over time so I have them for many many years. Bras too.
And the reason why I do this buy and hoarding is because it takes me FOREVER to find one that fits, is cute, and is comfortable. It’s basically beyond frustrating to try and find comfortable, quality items and constantly come up empty-handed. I rage about it sometimes. LOL

So anyways, if and when a bra finally fails, by either the underwire breaking or something ripping, I do my best to fix the issue so I can still go on using the item. It’s not always easy and it doesn’t always work. But I ALWAYS try and fix before I throw it out and move on. Cause Lord knows when and if I’ll be able to replace it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in love with a certain type of underwear or bra and then months later go and try to get more and it’s been discontinued. COUNTLESS times! rage rage rage

One day I was futzing around on ONTD and someone posted a link to a Raven Simone bra fix tutorial.

Totally random right??

But it’s awesome! And it works!




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