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Since my new favorite obsession is nail polish and fun nail art, I thought I would make one big post in order to “keep track” of all of the colors/techniques/tutorials that I’ve experienced.

Might as well start off with the tutorial I tried last night. It’s this one here.

And here are my results:


I do love the look of this SO MUCH. I loved it as soon as I came across the tutorial. And I think I did a pretty good job of it. But in all honestly, I almost gave up on this one halfway through my second (right) hand. It was just SO FUSSY. With the pinking shears and tape and layering the colors. I was fatigued and annoyed by the end of it. It doesn’t help I suppose that I was doing this at 11pm last night. I usually only do my nails once the boys go to bed, last night was no exception. Plus I needed to wait until the first coat was COMPLETELY dry. Which can take a while.

I woke up this morning and my nails were pretty messy. I figured, maybe a good topcoat will help. And it did. I just love the shine of good quality clear topcoat. I’ve been using Revlon’s Extra Life for many MANY years now. It always performs well.

I might give this tutorial one more try before I write it off completely. I do love the black/white and red she tried and I can see myself trying that with a dark navy too. We’ll see!

These were last week’s nails:


I followed this Art Deco tutorial from The Beauty Department blog. It was SUPER easy and at first I wasn’t sure I liked the look of it but I grew to absolutely love the little scalloped edge and I was sad last night when it finally chipped back enough to warrant me switching it out. I highly recommend adding a filbert shaped artist brush to your nail tool kit!

My birthday week nails:


It’s no secret that I ADORE red and light blue/teal/turquoise together. It’s just so darned cheery! This one is kind of my own “design”. Simple yet full of impact. I used a dotting tool to make the hearts and a striping brush to make a tic-tac-toe board on my thumbs, which I then filled in using a large dotting too. Brilliant!

I think I’ve shown these here before:


This was my first attempt at hearts. And oh do I still love glittery nails!

Of course I’ve done polka dots a few times:




I loved this look so much:


Ombre! AND glitter! šŸ™‚

I don’t even remember how I came across this tutorial, but I’m so glad I did. It wasn’t too difficult although I found the blending to be sort of a challenge at times. But I loved the overall look so much. I need to do this one again!

During my many nail art searches, I came across this wonderful youtube channel, Cute Polish. She has a LOT of great tutorials!

I’ve tried two of them personally.

First, the newsprint nails:


This is one of the simplest nail art that I’ve done. The only tricky part is to make sure you have enough pressure to get the print onto the nails and DO NOT let the paper get dry on the nails. You’ll never be able to peel it off without leaving clumps of newspaper on the nail.

The second one I tried was the vintage flower nails:


This was a toughie. The first time I tried it, it was a MESS. I just laughed and laughed about it. But I regrouped and attempted it again. And I love the way the little flowers turned out.
So pretty and unique!

So I think that’s all I have so far. I still want to attempt so many more tutorials. Like water marbling, plaid, stripes, and MORE!

Stay tuned!


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