Knitty Mitty

So way back in January I took a mittens/magic loop knitting class and started on my own pair.

I used this wonderfully delicious merino wool in tones of pink. Self-striping yarn is the best!

So I started them up and everything was going well. I was following the pattern according to the larger size. But once I started finishing the first mitten, something was off. I didn’t really know what, but my mitten just didn’t look right.

I shrugged it off and decided to just continue on to mitten two.

Once I completed the pair, I was seriously side-eyeing the whole thing.

They, um, looked a little like oven mitts?



The proportions were just off. But I had followed the pattern exactly! The amount of increases was incorrect I suspect. My knitting pal Denise had finished her pair too and hers looked GREAT. Not at all like my oven mitts. And she had followed the pattern according the smaller size. I figured that was it. The pattern as written for the bigger version wasn’t fleshed out/tested properly. I tried on Denise’s mittens and they fit me great. I decided to make a new pair using the small size instructions. This time I used a heathered gray wool and vibrant blue. I had to knit the stripes myself. Tricky for a beginner like me, but once I got going I did great!



Love them! And the proportions were perfect.

Now what to do with those pink oven mitts?

I took some deep breaths and frogged ’em.
Pulled all of it out until I got to the ribbed cuff. So basically 90% of the each mitten.
Then I set out redoing them.
Because of other projects and well, it being so warm here (who needs mittens!?), they’ve been unfinished for a while. But I was tired of having so many WIPs so I decided to just go ahead and complete them finally. Am I the only girl knitting mittens when it’s 80 degrees outside? Maybe!

But so worth it:




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