Nailure Failures

Two nail failures.

I tried two new nail ideas over this past weekend. Both of them duds. So duddy that I didn’t even bother to take pics.

First was this one.

It looks cool, right? I followed directions exactly and even used similar/same colors. No bueno.
It just looked like a big multi-color glob in the middle of each nail, instead of a cosmic beautiful nebula. Very disappointed. But technique was so simple, I might attempt it again and just go in with an EXTREMELY light hand on each color. Hopefully that will make a difference.
I really like the completed effect on the inspiration page, so I AM hopeful.
I’ll let you know.

Second fail was this one.

I was quite sad about this failure as I LOVED the final look. How DID they do it? Because when I dabbed the sponge (containing the colors) onto my nail, NOTHING transferred. Except weird moisture from the sponge. I attempted it twice and both times, NOTHING good came of it. The stamps looked lovely on paper, but my nails are non-porous so the color didn’t transfer at all. I made sure my sponges were 80% dry according to the directions but that didn’t help.

Immediately after that second failure I tried something else to get some color on my nails. I adore the multi-tonal look, so I figured why not just free hand it and see what happens?
My initial intention was to blend the colors to get the gradient effect, but after I painted colors on each nail, I liked the freeform look so much, I kept it as is.



I think they look interesting and pretty!

And they TOTALLY remind me of these candies I used to eat as a child:




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