A New Tradition?


Last year I wanted to start a new Christmas Eve tradition and either make (or buy) a Yule Log for dessert. We called around to a few bakeries to see our options. Since we waited until the day before, there weren’t many. Our local Le Pain and they did have a few left. We picked up the hazelnut one and hoped for the best. It looked lovely! But it turns out, the boys just weren’t thrilled with it and would not eat it. I don’t blame them though, they’re young kids, it was sort of a sophisticated presentation.
This year, I had pinned what seemed like an easy recipe for a tradition french Buche de Noel. I thought I’d give it a go.

I tried to find the recipe I used, but alas, I think I deleted the link when my results didn’t work out quite like I wanted them to.

To be fair, it does look really pretty:

IMG_4957 copy

IMG_4958 copy

The decorations were made from Airheads, you know that weird sour candy? Just heat it up in your hands and roll it out into the shapes you need. This part was surprisingly easy and quite satisfying as I adore the holly and candy cane.

The chocolate buttercream ganache frosting was DELICIOUS. I need to find the recipe again, because I will make it again for sure. It was light and airy and scrumptious.

But the cake part was awful. Just a dry thin sponge. I don’t think it could have tasted any worse.

So we don’t have a new tradition yet, but we have our old ones and I think I’ll attempt this again in the future. I’m determined!


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