So this happened…

A few years back, I made a few new Christmas decorations for our home. I enjoyed our new items, though was challenged by one process in particular. The Christmas ball wreath, you can read about it here.

In any event, I did get through it all and I loved loved loved the look of the ball wreath. I totally could have made it with the plastic balls that LOOK like the glass balls, but I wanted to “be authentic”, or whatever. So I made it with glass balls and it was tough, but I did it and it looked great and yadayadayada. Once Christmas was over, I delicately packed it away and hoped for the best. The year rolled by and 2011 hit and I retrieved it from our storage and all was well. It looked great and nothing had broken.

Flashfoward to today. It’s time for us to decorate the home again and I gingerly removed the wreath from its resting place. I got our door wreath hanger hook thingie and set to put the wreath out. And then…


I, could have cried. Mike looked over at me as I was just standing there staring down at the pile of shards. Sigh.

We nimbly cleaned it up and I thought about what to do next. Some of the balls were intact and just fine. Could I salvage this? I had no more large glass balls but maybe I could get some more? Hmmm. I had previously gotten them on sale from Michael’s. (all ornaments were 50% off then) Would they still be reasonably priced? I had to check!

Much to my luck, they were! I got a few more boxes and set to work.

All refurbished and looking pretty:

IMG_4708 copy

Actually, I think it looks even better than before.


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