Easter Eats

I don’t much like hardboiled eggs to eat (though I guess egg salad is okay if it’s made right), but they sure are pretty all dolled up with food coloring.

IMG_5688 copy

My sister Cindi posted a how-to of this cake and I knew I HAD to make it. Look how cute! I cannot find the original link that I used, but this one is almost exactly the same.

IMG_5720 copy

I made one round chocolate cake and one round vanilla cake and cut according to instructions. I used jelly beans, Hershey kiss eyes, and red writing gel for the decorations. Mr. Bunny is laid on top of some colored coconut flakes.

And finally, I used some of our dyed eggs to make deviled eggs, a favorite of Mikes. We actually made them together. Some had capers, some bacon bits, and some paprika. They looked yummy!

IMG_5725 copy


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