A Place for Specs

With the advent of eyewear as fashionwear (this was NOT a thing when I was a kid), it seems I have gotten a bit carried away. Zenni Optical SUCKED me right in with its vast selection and cheap prices. Not to mention the ones I purchased from my local eyewear place. AND the ones I’ve been hanging onto for many years as my backup backup BACKUP glasses. You know in case the other half dozen pairs I have break inexplicably.

The odd thing is that I wear my contacts more than my glasses. Gah, I make no sense.

Anyhoo, I was keeping them in a messy line on my dresser and kept telling myself to find them a better home. I was reading Racheal’s site way back when and she had made a cool display for her glasses. I was basically going to copy hers, but could not find an oval embroidery hoop. I have round ones, but I liked the look of the oval much better. I was also concerned that the yarn would started to droop, or I would get the glasses and yarn all tangled up when I was removing or replacing the frames.

So I came up with something similar but different.

I used an old picture frame! I painted it blue (with Rustoleum spray paint), cut strips of shades of purple gray and white wool felt and then stapled each strip to the back of the frame.
Voila! A new place for my many frames. (The frame fits many more frames (haha), I just added a few for the pic)

IMG_5747 copy


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