Halloween costumes!

Since the cake went over so well a few years back, we decided to bring Zelda into Halloween this year. I fashioned this Link after the Ocarina of Time installment.

For reference:


My creation:





This was the first year that I didn’t connect the boys’ costumes, because for the past few years I’ve been almost begging one of the boys to be an owl. And I’ve had zero luck. Until now. Poppet finally agreed! And I’m so glad he did because this is one of my favorite costumes. It took a lot of painstaking work, the cutting of all of those felt feathers! Why did I make them so small? Once you’re in it though, there is no choice but to keep going. And so I did. For a few nights, it was all cutting, all the time. Then once that part was over, I had the joy of sewing them all together! It was quite the undertaking, but once again, my moxie prevailed.

The trickiest part was attaching the wings to the body. It wound up being a pretty darned heavy costume for Poppet to stomp around in. But he didn’t complain!

I wasn’t sure how to complete the luck once the body, wings and headpiece were finished. Mike said it was great the way it is, but I hesitated. Which I always do when it comes the finishing of my work/creations. I knew there was something else to be done. I quickly made some bird feet boot covers. And I’m so glad I did, they turned out to be my favorite part!





See those owl feet? Hahaha!

materials used:

craft felt
polar fleece
fusible webbing
belt buckles
foam panels


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