Car Trash?

You know you have it! Tissues and wrappers and parking meter tickets and all that yucky stuff that used to go into a ziploc in the side of our door.

We purchased a new car a few weeks ago and I didn’t want to start sticking icky things in the door anymore. So I whipped up a little trash bag to handle it all. It was super simple, super fast, and it’s super effective in keeping car garbage at bay.

IMG_7458 copy

You can google “car trash bag tutorial” and come up with a bunch of how-tos. I looked at them, and basically it’s a no-brainer. Simple lined gusseted pouch with cotton webbing for the strap.

I used an outdoor nylon fabric that I had gotten from IKEA a few years ago. Added a cotton laminate chevron exterior. I also put in some fusible fleece interfacing to give the bag structure. I like how it stays open and just doesn’t lay there all floopy.


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