Make it Cute

I have a fickle back. I cruise along without so much as a peep and then one day BOOM, my muscles seize and I’m walking like a little ol’ lady. It’s not cute and it’s not fun.
Usually I can just take two days, limit my mobility and spend oodles of time on my trusted heating pad while ingesting modest amounts of ibuprofen.

One time recently I let the heating pad get the better of me and wound up burning my bum. Talk about adding insult to injury!

I blame the flimsy cover that comes standard with the heating pad. It was long over due that I let that ugly blue thing protect my bed AND my skin.

I set to work in creating something adorable and more importantly, functional and safe.

I picked out two cute coordinating prints from my stash and used InsulBrite as the inside filler. So not only does it protect my skin from burning, it also makes the pad extra comfy with soft quiltedness.

Cover closes via sewn in velcro.




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