Rainy Holiday Market

We took the opportunity to scout out a two craft market locations today. It was a rainy day and there wasn’t much else to do. I was still recovering/coming down from my mild euphoria of doing so well at the W-L Bazaar. Figured might as well see what else is out there and plan for next holiday season. Glad I did too!

First we went to Wakefield High School because this was their second year having a holiday fair. In the brand spanking new building no less. It was NICE! And it looked like a lot of foot traffic. I stopped and spoke with Kate from Kate & Moose Designs, another local artisan and she gave me the scoop on how the fair was going and how she does in general participating in local shows. I’m definitely going to do Wakefield next year. (It feels good to be planning out my show schedule, I haven’t do that in so long!)

Next we headed to the Downtown Holiday Market near Chinatown. It had just started to rain, but it didn’t bother us much. I liked the chill of the evening, it made me feel Christmas-y! We first stopped by the doughnut booth and got a bag of 12 minis to share. The boys LOVED them! And so did I! Melt in your mouth delicious. Next it was time to peruse the merchants. I picked up an ornament and a necklace. Nothing like shopping for yourself for the holidays!

It’s a really well ran market, very professional and just adorable. TONS of foot traffic even on such a rainy day. I would consider doing a market like that, but the commitment is pretty big, it runs almost a month, every day for eight hours. YIKES. I’m sure there is a way to split it up, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. I’m glad we went though, it was a good experience.

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