Time to dust the cobwebs off this place!

This year’s goal has been to creat more, blog more, make more, earn more, eat more, run more, laugh more, yadayadayada. I think I got the eating thing down. And I’ve made A LOT of things this year! But I haven’t posted about any of it. I’m weird like that. I do take a bunch of pictures, so maybe if I have a spare moment (HA!), I will get around to posting about it all. Isn’t that just so exciting? 🙂

The new layout of my blog is still undergoing some changes, but hopefully the finished product will be done soon. But don’t hold your breath!

I’m also in the midst of waking my business up from it’s long and peaceful sleep. I participated in the Washington-Lee Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday and enjoyed my BEST YEAR EVER in money and sales. It feels good! See some pics below:




With that, let me go and organize my brain. Stay tuned.



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