Coffee Sleeves

Two Christmases ago (is this possible? TIME FLIES!), I made some re-usable coffee sleeves for my son’s teachers and therapists. They were easy to do and looked super adorable. I went ahead and personalized them with each person’s initials, which I think made them extra special.

Having made them as gifts as well as one for myself, I decided it was time to sew some up for the shop. I order my InsulBright from Amazon because oddly enough JoAnn’s doesn’t carry it. Weird right?

I cut out a bunch last week and finally sat down over the weekend and sewed them all up. Today was the day that I applied all of the buttons. (I watch The Office streaming from Netflix whenever I do work. I know every line by heart at this point. Putting that on my resume!)


I just love how they came out. All bright and cheery. Perfect addition to any piping hot cup of coffee. And eco-friendly too!



All of them are listed in my etsy shop.


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