New Dinner

So I’ve been reading Mel’s Kitchen Cafe for about a year now. I’ve have made a handful of her recipes and am always pleased with the results.
Last week I made her (famous!) sweet & sour chicken, which I have made a bunch of times. It’s seriously awesome. When I was on her site grabbing the recipe, I came across a Paprika Chicken Stroganoff. Looks good!

I had just gone to Whole Foods today and picked up the last needed ingredients. I was excited to try something new. And I LOVE paprika.


I served it over egg noodles, just as suggested. Alongside I roasted brussel sprouts and steamed asparagus. Both had fresh lemon squeezed over them.

Mike gave the stroganoff a B. I would agree. He loves egg noodles and thought the chicken was cooked perfectly. The sauce caused him some problems. Though he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that was off for him. I liked the recipe overall and would make it again. The chicken was very tasty. I might hold back on the sauce a bit. Maybe just not so much. Mike said he would eat it again too.


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