Newest Nailart

After too long, I finally have a feed reader set up again on my macbook. I was completely sore when Google decided to pull the plug on their reader. Like, I took it personally and I was MAD! I kept a log of all of the sites that were there and about a week ago I broke down and told Mike, “I need a reader. I NEED one!”
He hooked me up with something called MnmlRdr. Which is absolutely an annoying name. But it works! And all of my sites are organized in a way that I can lazily and sometimes hungrily consume them. I missed the inspiration! But it was good to have a break too. I focused on getting my own site up again and I’m feeling pretty good about everything.

Okay, so yesterday I came across this post in my feed. How pretty!

My nails have been blank since last week so I decided to give it a go right after the kids were in bed.

It IS a tad tedious and fussy. Anytime you work with striping tape that’s just how it is.

But I loved the results! There’s a few little smudges in the edges of some of the lines, but all in all, this was a very successful first attempt at new nailart. Feels good!




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