Colorblocks and more

There have been a few designs running around in my head recently. Last week, prior to getting sick, I had some time to create some new items. Instead of going my usual route of mixing prints, I pulled out some super soft solid brushed twill and a silky cotton blend mustard yellow fabric.

I had a grand old time blocking the colors and then using some of my re-purposed leather and suede pieces to add accents and straps throughout.

My favorite part of making things is designing. Drawing how I’d like it to look, matching fabrics, and adding little bits of interest here and there.

The process is enjoyable but surely time consuming. The biggest time suck is the cutting. Oh the cutting! Not my favorite part at all. But it does feel good to have a stack piled up waiting for the final step.

And then nothing more satisfying than seeing everything sewed up ready for the shop!


Two closeups of now available items:




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