Feather and Fan

A few years back my friend Denise and I attended a four week knit and lit group at a small bookstore in the city. The place was Politics and Prose. The book was The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood. Denise and I were the youngest ladies there which was quite nice actually. We all sat around a big wooden table and discussed first the book and then knitting and yarn.
There were lots of different projects going on around the laps of these women and it was enjoyable seeing how advanced and skilled some of them of were.
I was still only starting and had really only just learned how to purl.
But I kept my eyes and ears open and learned a lot.
One of the first projects that I attempted in order to really stretch my skills was a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker’s “A Treasure of Knitting Patterns”, specifically the Feather and Fan stitch. Or “Old Shale”.
It was just unique enough to keep me interested and just simple enough to not intimidate me.

I worked on this scarf for quite a while before it was long enough to bind off. The color is lovely and rich. I’m such a sucker for teal blue. It’s soft and drapey and pretty enough for many different outfits.






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