Flu+Strep=Happy Birthday?

So it was my birthday recently. A big one actually. Number 40! Instead of enjoying the beginning of my middle age, I started it off with a real bang. Hello flu, hello strep! I’m pretty sure this is my first time ever dealing with strep throat and boohoy, it is not fun. Even less fun when EVERY SINGLE one of us has it. That’s the other thing about strep, not only is it incredibly painful, it’s also incredibly contagious! So one by one, down we went. Myself and my older son got a nice Influenza A on top of it.

I could only wear the mask for so long though. How do people breathe with these things on?! (I also found it a little creepy)


Before it all really hit the fan, we did get to enjoy a cake from a local bakery. It wouldn’t be a birthday without a cake, now would it? Even though I couldn’t blow out my own candles.


I did get some beautiful flowers on top of other wonderful homemade cards and gifts from my boys.

See how pretty!


Now, bring on the next 40! At least!


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