Lunch Wraps

Today I decided to try a new wrap recipe for lunch. I came across this recipe last week and shopped for it when I went out on Tuesday. Whole Foods wound up having those giant tortillas that I can never find, so I knew it was meant to be!

I got the recipe from Kitchen Daily via Pinterest. It’s a white bean and avocado wrap. Vegetarian! Although truth be told, this wrap would be pretty darned good with some bacon. I didn’t have any though, so totally veg friendly today. This recipe makes four good sized wraps.

A bit of the process:



All wrapped up!


It was DELICIOUS! Every flavor came out, from the bean and avocado spread to the chipotle slaw. Just bright and super flavorful.

Mike gave it an A which is a pretty great grade for a Saturday afternoon lunch when usually we’re just having ham sandwiches.

I found the chipotle a SMIDGE too hot, so maybe next time I’ll use a tad less. My lips were seriously burning for 10 minutes after I finished.

I made only a few minor changes to the recipe:

I added kosher salt and black pepper to the bean/avocado mix, plus a squeeze of lime.
I used red wine vinegar instead of cider vinegar, mostly because I like the flavor better.
I didn’t mix the cheese into the bean/avocado mix, because I didn’t want it to get too muddled. I opted to just layer the shredded cheese during assembly.

This is something that was delicious, healthy, and I will definitely make it again.


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