We (I mean MIKE), tried a new waffle recipe! Since our kids don’t like cereal for breakfast, they either get a waffle or a couple of pancakes. We used to buy them frozen from Whole Foods. Delicious and super easy, but way expensive, obviously. When Mike’s mom came for a visit last summer, she bought us our own waffle iron. Yay!

It’s a belgian iron and it works great. The process is to make a whole bunch at once. Which takes a while. But then there are homemade frozen waffles in the freezer each morning for the boys. Mike does frozen pancakes the same way. Mini chocolate chip ones, yum.

This weekend, I was reading A Beautiful Mess and came across this recipe, snickerdoodle waffles. I was intrigued!

Mike actually made them and here is the result:


The boys LOVED them. What kid wouldn’t love something sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar I ask you?

Me, I was lukewarm. I felt like they were missing something. Though I couldn’t really tell you what. Maybe more vanilla? Perhaps a light syrup would have helped. I did like the consistency of them. I say, B-
Maybe they’re worth another try in the near future.


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